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December 27, 2013


A highly inaccurate look back.


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According to the page 2013 was a 404 error. I'm inclined to agree. In any case, Judy should be fired.

"Narcissistic sex weasels," could be the band name of the year.

Not at ALL inaccurate! Well, OK, maybe just a little, at the part where it says "We miss 2012".

Go, Dave; well done.

Yay. Dave probably wrote this on the tarmac. The guy can do more with a flight delay and a beer than anyone else I know.

"What is it with New York?" - NY is the farm team for Florida. Fueled by PCB-laced waters from the bowels of the Hudson (thanks, GE!), New Yorkers ripen, age and become disoriented, eventually moving to Palm Beach, where they generate blog-fodder. Without it, no Dave blog, and no 'us.'

(thanks for the inspiration, dave)

It's the dave barry review of the year
There'll be much whistleblowing
And gibes he'll be throwing
With Barry-ful jeer !
It's the dave barry review of the year !

There's political posting
And 'Weiners' for 'roasting'
(On twitter too much he did show)
There'll be stories of 'Danger'
(His sexting got stranger)
His Mrs? she don't wanna knooooow . .

It's 'da-bomb' - zombiest season of all
With those hashtaggy twerkers and 'Washington workers'
The End's come to call !
It's the zomb-bombiest season of all !

Excellent job Dave (and ligirl)! My personal favorite:

"...Dennis Rodman travels to North Korea for a loon-to-loon meeting with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un..."

That was a beverage-out-the-nose snorker.

If you had trouble (like me) getting this through the Herald here is another link.

No, 2013 was not as funny as 2012.

Thank you, Jeff. The link that @rayadverb posted on twitter was royally borked.

Yes. Thank you, Jeff. I wish the Herald would stop trying to be so technologically advanced and screwing so much up.

From the same people who brought you the Obamacare website?

ubetcha: That comment was highly unfair to loons.

Thanks Dave.

Your best rear-ender in years.



I also want to thank Jeff for the link. Long live Pope Harvey Schwartz! Another great year-ender.

Yay Jeff, I haven't been able to get past the Herald Blockade in ages, what's the secret?

And oh, yes, very funny, Dave.

Well said, well done, and well, brilliant!!!

Thank you, Dave! No wonder you a national asset treasure!

Made my day! By the way, can we trade in 2013 for a slightly used 2000?

Yeah! 2000! The year we (the software biz) didn't destroy the world! Sigh. Those were the days.

I spat hot tea all over my phone while reading this. Damn you, Dave Barry, damn you for being so funny!

The funniest thing written in 2013.

You're all welcome. The Herald was so annoying I just looked around for other papers that ran the piece and found it in the Washington Post.

2013 will be seen as an average year. Worse than 2012 and better than 2014.


Link goes nowhere. I guess that was the year in general

Yeah, thanks for the link. The funniest thing for 2013 was Anthony Weiner. He must think a lot of his thing. (Har)

Presented by the Miami Herald in highly inaccurate HTML.

I was surprised (much like Obama) to learn the Tour de France will skip the bicycle-riding part of the race next year and instead just gather all the competitors into a room and see who can do the most drugs.

Besides the no mention of Cher's next Farewell Tour, a Yoko Ono art update and Obama's surprise (much like Obama himself) with The Washington Post taking out full page Five Star ads proclaiming him 'The Master of Projection', I was happy.


Yes, everyone on Washington is as dumb as they look.

Thanks to Jeff Bezos, I was able to read the Year in Review on The Washington Post website, which was designed by the same folks who designed the Florida unemployment website.

I don't recall any of 2013, so it's good to have a solid reference if I ever need one.

I'm sorry the Herald link was "so annoying" but please let us know if there is a problem, okay, instead of redirecting people to other papers? As it happens, it's my fault there was a mixup with the link, but it seems to be fixed now (and in fact was fixed within an hour), and I will undoubtedly be fired as soon as Dave returns.

Not fixed for me, either in Chrome or Firefox.

works for me, judi - looks great! funny stuff, dave, & kudos to the artist for the hilarious illustrations !

*returns to beerbreaking bad marathon*

The Miami Herald has a website?

The link doesn't work for me (Firefox.)

Those of you who say you can't get the story to open, can you tell me if you get an error message or what happens when you click the link? I'm opening it in Firefox, IE, and Safari and it does go through a couple of extra steps but it's there, so I can't tell the folks in the online department what the problem is. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for any help.

Judi, they want us to sign up and pay money, the cads. Recently I had been going to some things directly from davebarry.com, but every time I wanted to get to a column, I get the popup.

Happy New Year, and kilts to you!

Thanks Tash. Essentially, the McClatchy company says you can have X number of page views a month for free; beyond that, you have to sign up. There is a thread about it last month on the blog (after the gift guide came out and people were having the same problem). I believe a variety of solutions was offered in that thread. but i've also asked the online folks to make the link to dave's Year in Review go directly there, rather than add a page view with the "Projects" page that was there yesterday.
If anyone is having a different problem, please let me know.

I was able read Dave's review without any electronic difficulties by doing so in this strange new format: Section M of the Miami Herald. Very, very funny, hashtag Dave.

The old solution was to clear your browser cache.

i posted a rather lengthy comment this morning that didn't get posted. hmmm... thanks Tash,... i suggested anyone who is having THAT problem go to last month's gift guide thread, which explores
several solutions.
i also asked the online folks to make the link go directly to the story rather than adding the page view of the Projects page, which adds to the problem.
anyone else having a DIFFERENT problem? relating to reading the Year in Review, I mean?

Dave made Drudge. You have arrived....actually, Drudge has finally arrived.

Its getting harder to do satire, isn't it?

Every link that I tried except for the one in this actual blog post leads me to the following page, which has a lovely picture but none of the links work. I, too, just gave up and read it in the WaPo.


tony, that is so bad. the link on the projects page doesn't open the same story? it does for me...

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