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November 27, 2013


You have reached your limit of complaints regarding the Miami Herald paywall. Please subscribe to the Miami Herald to continue sending us your complaints.

(Or, you could try reading this version of the Gift Guide.)


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Judi that one goes to a paywall too. I get the newsletter on Mondays and didn't have any problems reading it there. I'm ashamed to admit this but I ordered the Crazy Cat Lady action figure.

I'm not sure what a paywall is. It sounds nasty and intimidating.

"Tools"..."Options"..."Remove All Cookies"...rinse and repeat.

Yeah. But...

Dave wrote a pay wall?

What OldPhil said...

Why dahlings - WAIT until you unsubscribe to the New York Times. Every week they then send you better and better "deals" so that pretty soon they are almost GIVING it to you for free!!

(Still say NO!

We have to PAY for this stuff? I thought it was a 'gift guide,' as in what Dave is buying each of us. Like the "12 Days of Christmas," only with humor. And beer... The "12 Daves of Christmas."

I was going to get him this.

Dear electronic content provider:

You have reached your limit of paywall responses. Please subscribe to our on-line subscription request rejection service to continue having your subscription requests denied.

Why is Judi trying to wall us off from Dave?

"Instead of working for the survival of the fittest, we should all be working for the survival of the wittiest - then we can all die laughing."

Lily Tomlin

(Merci, Dave.)

Don't have a clue who "Judi" is - but know history - from experience.

When you are dealing with brilliant and witty people, their spouses, in the past, used to UNPLUG the TELEPHONES in their homes at Thanksgiving.

Today, dahlings, one can assume they pull the plug on their COMPUTERS.....

Nora D

"judi" is the supreme Blog-goddess who rules this place and keeps Dave in line, at least, within iffy Floridian lines. *waves @ judi*

It's Thanksgiving. I'm sure she pushed the IT guys until they curled up into little balls like dung beetles. I hope she takes the dang day off.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

I know who Judi is. Who's this "Dave" guy?

(Excuse this unfunny mini-rant)

It isn't the Internet that is killing the newspaper business. Rather, the blame lies in the hands of "publishers" who think that a paywall will somehow magically return the ad revenue that they believe they are entitled to. They apparently don't realize that we, the customers, can get our news and information from hundreds of different sources now, and if they put up a pay wall, we will just go elsewhere. They need us to survive, not the other way around. Slate tried a paywall about 5 years ago. Their on-line readership plummeted, and they were forced to abandon their misguided efforts. Let's hope the Miami Herald soon realizes the same thing, and dismantles the paywall system. Information wants to be free!

Disclaimer: I've been into journalism my entire life, both paid and as a stringer. The goal of any journalist should be to maximize the number of people reading their work. If you're into bean-counting and paywall hit ratios, my advice to you is to find another career.

(End mini-rant)

"With God as my witness, I thought those turkeys could fly!"

p.s. Booger.

This has to be designed by the same morons who developed the Obamacare web site. It says "click on Next" to sign up but absolutely nothing happens. Someone fire this twit.

This all makes about as much sense as the subscription offers I keep getting from the Chicago Tribune. They're like a bizarre Chinese restaurant menu: you can have seven days a week, OR M-F only, OR Wed-Sun (as if Mondays and Tuesdays are somehow no-news days). Well, suppose I want M-F AND the Sunday Trib (because the Saturday edition is pretty worthless)? You can't set that up with your delivery guy or gal? "No, sorry, no half-orders...and, no General Tso's Chicken for you."

And, they wonder why people are abandoning traditional newspaper delivery.

I agree with PirateBoy. Washington Post is doing this now. I have coped mainly by reading the same advice columns (which was almost all I read on their site anyway) from other online newspapers who offer it for free. I think a lot of other people are either doing that or deleting cookies. When I can get something free (and legally) from site x, why on earth would site y think that I would pay for it? Maybe this is a tax on stupid people :)

K - good point. I've been deleting the Chicago Tribune e-mails without reading them. I guess I need to mark them as spam or something :)

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