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November 26, 2013


Mall Santa arrested for pinching co-worker

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins and Omniskeptic)


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Characters from the manger scene gave a thumbs up when asked if Santa's behavior was naughty and not nice.

Someone's getting coal in their stocking.

Shouldn't he know which are the bad little girls?

He claimed she was a ho ho ho.

He's facing an assault charge, and is banned from working as Santa this year as a result.
Whatever happened to just slapping the snot out of someone that did something like this?

"An honest mistake, your honor. I thought they said to keep my hands to my elf."

Perfectly acceptable naughty/nice test. He does have a job to do.

How'd he do that through mittens?

Saints, Popes, great humanist thinkers, prize-winning humorists -- these are not the people usually tapped for mall-Santa jobs.

'The judge allowed Herbert Jones to go home under the condition that he not work as Santa this season'.

the santa clause

"...Herbert Jones is accused of pinching a young woman ..."

- the Santa claws

Well at least she won't shoot her eye out with a bb gun.

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