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November 30, 2013


Topless Colorado barber charged with cosmetology without a licence

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I'm pretty sure most of her customers didn't ask to see her cosmetology credentials.

Soon we'll have no rights left at all.


Are you telling me that regulations are all that stand between us and topless barbers, WalMart shoppers, and squirrels? Yikes.

Customer: "Just a little off the top."

I'd rather see her topless than my barber, he tips the scales somewhere north of 350.

Charged with Cosmetology!

I say, "Off with her head!"

Oh, come on..."Rebel Barber" is the best business name she could come up with? What about "A Cut Above?" Or, "Shear Indecency?" Or, "Bodacious Clips?"

And, think of what use she could have made of that iconic striped barber pole...honestly, she should've taken that Biz Dev class at the cosmetology college.

I got yer cosmetology credentials right here. And here.

Did she also dance with the barber pole?


when the gov has nothing better to do than this they should be ...

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