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November 26, 2013



(Sent in by everyone in North and South America)


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Sent in by everyone in Noth and south America)

Spoken like a true Southerner.

i remember the first time i lost control of my weiner...

(and hi motw! long time no see!)

I would have expected more shrinkage.

Really frosts his buns...

"911. What is your emergency?"

"I lost control of the Big Wiener and it's stuck!"

"Sir, you cannot use 911 for practical jokes. I'm hanging up now."

"But it's stuck and I can't get it out!"


Stunt driving by Carlos Danger.

Let's be frank. They need to go with the Sport Utility Weiners this time of year.

Any excuse.

Duuude. We're gonna need a bigger board.

Please note: This unseemly incident took place in Pennsylvania, not in Wisconsin. We have snow plows in Wisconsin.

Not the first weiner accident. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/18/oscar-mayer-wienermobile-_3_n_239187.html

Aw, people, it's just having some fun!
It's always looking for someplace slick to sli...
I mean, Dave!

Slides through humans just as fast.


another weiner snowjob

jeez, everyone knows you put chains on your weiner in the winter

Do you suppose--do you suppose--if whoever designed and created the Weinermobile had been on 'Shark Tank'
--would any Shark make an offer?

Yes my mind sometimes works in weird ways....

That looks like a wiener on a slick mission. These comments are funny

The driver was clearly hot-dogging.

I'm going to exhibit some restraint and refrain from captioning this.

Pete Christensen, what is this "restraint" thing you speak of? We have no knowledge of such things here in our quaint little blog.

It happened in 2008.

Reminds me of The Big Bang Theory episode where Howard got his... "hot dog" stuck in a robot hand. He was very concerned. He did have the sense not to call 911 though :)

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