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November 27, 2013


Cow FLATULENCE, gas emissions MUCH WORSE than thought - boffins

(Thanks to Joe in Japan and Unholy Slacker)

*I mean the cows, not the boffins.


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"Bottoms up" and "top down" ...

Next they'll be tellin' us that "hide" is a cow's inside, as well as its "outside" ...

(Sorry ... REALLY old joke punchline there ...)

'Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research (EDGAR )'

*snork* !

EDGAR is also the Securities and Exchange Commission database for public company filings.

I saw that Norway is determining Meatless Mondays for their troops to reduce greenhouse gasses produced by our bovine, porkine and chickine friends. My experience with meat substitutes is that the greenhouse gas will be about the same with humans as it would be otherwise.

Ah, the Toot Posse has a new name.

CBAFFCC, the Council for Blaming Anything but Fossil Fuel for Climate Change, was unavailable for comment.

I don't get the POINT of using upper CASE in such random fashion.

the idea is to shorten it, meanie - do you like


better ?

Doing my bit to stop turkey flatulence tomorrow. Oh, and cranberry pollution.

Dave excited to hear that you are coming to Mitch's radiothon.I hope that I am around when you arrive. Hope to get a couple of pictures of you that day. It's my birthday that day too.

I know... my friends have written the EPA and the FDA about the many dangers of thought-boffins, yet they refuse to take the problem seriously.

TIC, guys....

I absolutely believe that cows are causing the earth to become warmer. Look at how hot the earth got when dinosaurs were walking around farting! (Assuming dinosaurs did fart) Of course there was that whole Ice Age thing but other than that I'm sure it was really warm. Speaking of global warming, it's now snowing in North Carolina which, the last time I checked, is in the South. I must go buy bread and milk.

I have no objection to acronyms, until they start to get hideously contrived, like just about every act of Congress (please don't go there .....) these days. Like the Combat Hideous Emissions and Excretions by Sequestered Employees Clustered Under Tables act, House Bill no. H-666.

But I digress.

I was REFERRING to the headline in the web ARTICLE, as reproduced ABOVE by Dave. It's LIKE random shouting of words IN a conversation.

@ mTb -

perhaps DAVE was just BEING ShatnerESQUE

And they told us the science was settled.

I'm sure that The Flatulent Cows opened for The Cowsills, back in my hippie years.

Of course they pass gas. Cows never stop at a filling stations, unless they need beer.

I would send SNORKS all around, but, I'm feeling A little gassy,...

I have been on this rock for over fifty years, most of it in oreeeegon. My whole younger days involved walking in the dang rain. This year we have had about three days of rain since june. So HEH , I am not saying Climate Change is real, but NOW , I know to blame the cows. I never trusted them, they have a sneaky look on that placid cow-face.

This is of course apropos of nothing, but I believe the next weapon of mass destruction should be the unheralded but terminally lethal DOG GAS...in fact, I'm certain that canine flatulence was used in lieu of flamethrowers in WWI to great success...

You non-dog owners out there who don't believe me? Borrow a pooch for the night, feed him a can of Hormel chili, snuggle into bed, and wait...and don't forget your hazmat suit...

I don't know, I'm not saying that man-made stuff isn't doing terrible things to the environment, but when "global warming" turned into "climate change" because the Earth wasn't cooperating with what the scientists predicted, I started feeling just a little skeptical.

The bit where someone hacked into a scientist's e-mail of course was very wrong but turned out to be kind of funny because he and another scientist were e-mailing about how to skew numbers to prove global warming. Was it fair for me to feel just a little more skeptical at that point?

I also understand that scientists who are skeptical of climate change are derided and not considered OK by the scientific community. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I thought part of the point of science was to question everything.


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