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November 29, 2013


Kidnapped Utah squirrel returns home for the holidays

(Thanks to Claire Martin and Omniskeptic)


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Great. Now it knows how to drive a big rig and it's going home to train all the other squirrelists. Be prepared for hijacked big rigs full of Jif and Skippy peanut butter.

It takes a special kind of man to kidnap a squirrel. To whom would you send the ransom note, for one thing?

The squirrel and other members of its gang jacked a car just outside Ogden.

Now Dave. I'm sure you had to blink back a few tears when you read this.

Sure, the squirrel was malnourished. The flight home suspended peanuts due to allergies. This is what happens when the nuts go gathering squirrels.

The trapper thot that merely showin' it the wonders of civilized society would prpmpt development of a "cute, cuddly, & affectionate domesticated pet" behavior pattern ... ???

Well ... this might've werked @ sum time in the past ... but, "civilization"???

In Wisconsin?

(Sorry Pad' & Y'all Others ... sumtimes the jokes write their ownselfs ...)


(By the way, that 'Eat This and Never Diet Again' ad on the same page, the one that looks like a turd bursting with pink salmon eggs? If I ate that, I would be SURE to lose weight, because I would never eat anything again...)

Are there no Southern recipes for Utah Squirrel ?

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