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November 25, 2013


Human Waste Found in Chinese Soy Sauce

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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The study reported Lady Gaga's pee was also detected.

What's better with the Pu Pu platter?

There's a little less in the bottles with the green tops marked "Lite" if you're squeamish.

Well, they couldn't sell it any other way. Waste not, want not...

So what's in the duck sauce ?

'Human waste products are used to lower food costs . . .'

meh. so they cost a hair-less

I thought the fried rice tasted like ****.

Lesson learned: never EVER buy ANYTHING edible from the dollar store...

The soy sauce I bought from the dollar store was made in North Carolina. Dollar stores help lots of people survive on a limited budget. Enjoy your trust fund while you can!!!

Maybe I'm wrong. But I thought I detected an...agenda.
Is that a harmful additive?

Agendas are acceptable, I suppose. But no executive summaries. And PowerPoint is RIGHT OUT!

My Max NEVER allows any edibles for consumption in our home from China. PROVES Max is one smart dog.

Someone was way rude to their server.

Snork @ Bob!

If its made in U.S., YOU PROBABLY have no worries.

If you use any Worcestershire sauce, you do have cause to worry. Read up on it!!! I use it, but very very sparingly....

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