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November 29, 2013


Omar Shabazz Thomas is on trial for allegedly beating Michael Lopatic last year when he became enraged because Lopatic had emptied a container of crab legs at the Star Buffet in East Lampeter Township.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Absolutely justified.

Though, to be honest, owners of buffets that promise crab legs then put out one per hour should also get a beating. Or at least have "nee!" said to them.

"Look, there is no reason to get crabby. This a family restaurant and people just do not speak like that. There will be plenty to go around and your slutty girlfriend can have the cheap food she can stand to stuff her ugly face."

He wanted the noun version of 'buffet.' He got the verb form, ocean-style -
buffet; 1. (esp. of wind or waves) strike repeatedly and violently; batter.
synonyms: batter, pound, lash, strike, hit More
knock (someone) over or off course.
"he was buffeted from side to side"

Buffet, n., sing., a restaurant serving unlimited quantities of cheap meat and starch for a single fixed price.
Buffoon, n, sing., a patron of same.

-- The Dictionary of Food Snobbery, ver. 7.3, by S. Coffeeay.

People are idiots. To fight over food. It's that holiday cheer again

Emptying containers of crab legs is next on the new Federal crimes list.

I'd say he has some chums.

a reel bottom feeder.

that's what you get in a place that serves crabs

He had a bad case of crustacean frustration.

Completely understandible...the guy had just come from a sale at Wal Mart.

I didn't know there was a buffet at Chuck E. Cheese's.

There's reason "buffet" shares several letters with "buffoon'.

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