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November 25, 2013


Find the invisible cow.

(Thanks to Will Dwayer, who says, "Minutes of fun!")


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how moving...
an udder failure
it's not me, it's the directions. I was given a bum steer....
tyr the veal...

No sense in hoping they'll make it available for IE users. I'd probably be waiting for heifer.

No cursor on this pad ... it's prolly a lotta bulloney anyway ...

Is it supposed to try to sell me an invisible chicken sandwich?

This drove me to the tipping point.

I reverse-engineered the code, and found the cow in seconds.

Yes, it was a little Bossy of me.

I'm glad it wasn't " Find the Invisible Weimaraner ".

Awww, all I found was a message that said ***Sorry, your browser does not support the Web Audio API, which is an integral part of this experiment.****

Is the cow standing behind that message?

Cross platform testing would have been a good idea. Also, it wouldn't let me sign up for cheap healthcare.

I thought it was standing in the middle of Hungry Horse Road in Flathead county.

Ditto, XJ.

Didn't Invisible Cow open for Steely Dan?

Jeff, I thought they toured with Phish.

AwbH: Internet Exploder does not use many of the features common to other browsers, like Javascript.

my office blocks this stuff. dagnabbit. will try it from home later, or maybe from my phone.

The truth be told: The emperor is wearing no cow!!!

I found it! I have triumphed! Hoorayyyy for meeeee!


::gets back to work::

Another attempt to force feed a different browser.

Well, I couldn't see 'em. But I definitely herd 'em.

Darn! Another CIA mind control experiment...???

Cow being a code word for sh--.....????

No, 'Invisible Cow' is a Phil Collins song.

"She seems to have an Invisible Cow, yeah..."

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