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November 29, 2013


A gigantic "communal latrine" created at the dawn of the dinosaurs has been unearthed in Argentina.

We saw Thousands of Fossilized Poos open for the Velvet Underground.

(Thanks to coscolo, Janice Gelb, DaninTustin, Bill Hudgins, Jay Brandes, John Gregg, Unholy Slacker and Anil Haji)


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T Rex, "Whew! And the Cave men have developed the nerve label me a meat eater. I hate it when I have to follow that Giant Dumpadacto."

Sadly, T-Rex was fired after one day on the job as bathroom attendant in the Communal Dino Latrine. His forearms were, again, too short to hand out towels.

Cher's roadies were able to take up the slack.

'Only one species could produce such big lumps"

- talk aboutcher soreassses . . .

butt were there signs of the unusually Wide Stanceasaurus?

Please don't squeeze the giant fern fronds.

Or the highly irritating Hoversaurus from the WetSeatus Period.

- or signs of the dying off of the female population by the

'UlefttheEffinSeatUpasaurus' ?

Did they find any newspapers or ancient Reader's Digests laying around?

This story sounds like a lotta crap to Moi Ownself ... merely sayin' ...

And it's the day after the largest meal in the American year.
We had them beat by noon.

This is nothing compared to the communal diney urinal uncovered at the site of the Jurassic Yankee Stadium...thousands of powder fresh Stick Ups and Air Wicks are being airlifted in by Sanitation Engineers Without Borders, or 'Le Pew Sans Frontiers"...

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