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November 26, 2013


Artist turns placenta into photo frames

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Thanks, Jeff!!

Ulrika Jarl said, “I understand why some people might find this a bit yucky, but why not use human waste where possible?”

Ulrika thoughtfully places barf bags near her frame and photo, then uses the barf to make frames in which she displays selfies.

I'm beginning to think the only good artists are dead artists.

For best results display beside urn of ancestral ashes.

Artist reportedly changed name from Mengele.

The perfect regift for the holidays.

*crosses Meanie off Christmas list*
I remember the good old days when we just threw the placenta in a plastic bucket so it could be sold to the shampoo industry.

Carbuncles also make great jewelry.

Maybe it's time for a career change ...

Michigan Man Collects Obscure, Sarcastic Ideas, Posts them, Calls It "Art"

"What I do is just as much an art form as placental picture frames or that cobblestone/nail/bollocks guy," he told reporters. When asked to respond to critical reviews, he said, "Hey, deconstruct this, woodja?"

That Turner Prize is in the bag.

Ok, I know everyone is concerned about their carbon footprint and all, but this brings the idea of recycling to a whole new level. And its a low, disgusting level.

I don't think I'll accept that dinner invitation from her, after all.

Good idea.

They'll love it every place.

"The placenta is one of the first creations the mother and baby make together, so why not celebrate that with a keepsake?"

- to be enjoyed afterbirth

. . . or vice versa

Don't forget the matching clock!

In the old days, Queen Victoria would have been very displeased, and perhaps even having them off the placenta.

"Placenta should not be seen OR heard".--I think Dr, Phil said this...

Placentia is about 30 miles from LA. I've been there many times, it's a perfectly fine city.

Pss! It's spelled Placentas PB! Big difference, huge!

Oh, never mind!

Ralph. Please tell us you didn't buy that. It's 3.30am and the not knowing is keeping me awake.

placenta - third person singular of placentar - to gross out.

Ella placenta el mondo

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