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November 28, 2013


3. That we're not eating Thanksgiving dinner here.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

4. Or, here.

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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Growing up in a conservative Protestant church, we called the meal "Pot Providence" instead of Potluck.

I'd say anything that is cut with a band saw and eaten with seal oil is Pot Ewww

I bet the walruses consider it a good year.

That would require more pot-liquor.

There's a Yup'ik word for that: pukuk."

I think I just pukuked in my mouth a little.

I don't agree. I think that a rural Alaska Thanksgiving would be a wonderful experience, with memories to last a lifetime. Some of the menu items might be strange to us, but we eat things like lobster and shrimp, which are pretty disgusting when you think about it.

Oh boy some new chefs for the Food Network show

I am stuffed, If I had bugs for dinner I would not be sooo bloated.

See your Orkin man for recipes.

I am thankful any day I'm not in Kotzebue, or most other Alaskan Bush Communities. Happy Thanksgiving!

The good thing about serving centipedes is that every one gets a drumstick...

You know, you can see Russia from there.

I don't eat lobster or shrimp, and I try not to look too closely if someone else does. It looks too much like science class on dissection day. Sorry for the visual.

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