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November 29, 2013


American man crosses tightrope with safety harness tied to his GENITALS

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Unholy Slacker)


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Just say it. you know you want to. "That takes balls"

I did want to say it Chuck - but it isn't impressive when you say it in that high, squeaky, legs-crossed voice.

Alert the Darwin Award people - incoming.

To answer your first question, yes. As to the second question, we put them in back in your backpack in a new clear, one quart resealable plastic bag. As to the voice, it is intact and will take time to gain full use of it."

"Mrs. Lewis, I'm sorry to report that your husband did not survive his attempt."

"Oh no! I thought he was wearing a safety harness?"

"He was. That's why we were able to bring you these..."

Where's Daddy?

Hanging on the back of a pickup truck in Arkansas.

so that's a 'flying wallenda'

Hope this isn't the same guy who nailed 'em to the ground in that bit of performance art...that would be WAY too busy a month.

I'm thinking this guy really, really does not want to have kids.

he had a safety harness firmly in-place around his neck.

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