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November 29, 2013


Judge fines Helena couple for bucket of bear paws in restaurant

(Thanks to Michael Leone)


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- butt they're still entitled to their right to bear arms

"Pair of bear claws, please."

Rules are rules. No bear feet...

First the crab claws, next the bear paws.

What next?

Huang’s attorney, Michael Kakuk, said in court that she had injured her hip a few years earlier, and wanted the gallbladders for her own medicinal use.
I wonder if she's ever thought about trying some Vicodin instead? They're a lot easier to swallow than bear gallbladders.

"Now, let's see...did you want the Regular Bucket of Bear Claws, or the Extra Crispy? And, for your sides, did you want mashed potatoes, fries, or the breaded gallbladders?"

And a partridge in a pear tree!

nursecindy: The bears are big fans of new-world medicine too.

the New Hunan restaurant ?

sum ting wong: must've been pandamonium !

Caution: Not to be used during pregnancy.......................................................................

Beware of the pregnant paws.

He's rocking that Eddie Munster meets Moe Howard haircut.

You want the buffet...?

All your bear paws is belong to us.

Actually, they were exhausted from shopping. They tried everything on the menu, but it's the paws that refreshes....

So hard to figure out which kind of wine to serve with that. Wait ... got it!

*Goes down to the cellar for a vintage cabearnet*

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