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November 29, 2013


Carson City woman jailed after allegedly lighting boyfriend's underwear on fire

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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She looks unrepentant.

Was he in them?

Right after he made a comment about wanting a "hot Brazilian."

Big deal. He wasn't wearing them at the time.

Next time he'll remember her cigarettes.

Come on baby light my fire...

Never cross a woman who is going through nicotine withdrawal.

little mis-match.com

Oh, Baby, my heart yearns for you!
My loins burn for you!
Oh, wait. Let's go back to my heart.

Alcohol was involved in all of this? Really?

It was a rough ignite.

Funny that song should come up. The original version was written in 1326 by the famous poet-mercenary Sir James Morrisonn. Besides the usual armor, swords, and pole arms, he equipped his troop of infantry with incendiary devices. Their motto was "Try to set the Knight on fire".

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