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November 01, 2013


My car broke down yesterday after I went shopping at the mall.  I was stranded for about an hour and finally got a wrecker to tow it to the shop.  I just found out the problem was caused by squirrels chewing on my starter wires which means the little terrorist bastards have now turned on me.  Of course this means war.  People need to pay more attention to your warnings.

-- nursecindy


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Diet soda just came out of my nose

Call Bill Murray!

Ted Nugent is on his way. No, no, don't bother to thank us. We're happy to help.

♫ Is there anybody going to listen to nursecindy
All about the squirls who came to stay?
They're the kind of squirls
She wants to hurt and she's not sorry
Never let them see the light of day!!!
Ah, squirls, squir-r-r-ls . . . .

She could hit them with Norwegian wood. Although there was already a story about that today, wasn't there?


Christmas time if squirrel-drone time.

While on my wife's farm, I found a field mouse trapped in a bucket in the main barn.
Not wanting to be a sadistic a$$, I let it go in a field.
The little bustard got into my car and ate the glove compartment, so my new motto is "No one gets out alive."

Stolen from Ducky:
This means war!.

This diagnosis sounds a bit suspicious to Moi Ownself ... I mean ... did the garage guy actually SEE squirrels "chewing on Cindy's wires" ... ? ("Chewing on Cindy's Wires" WBAGNFA ... well, mebbe not ...)

Or is he merely conducting a personal venetta against squirrels, and n'cin' is an unwitting dupe or pawn in the nefarious project?

And perhaps ... eh?

Oh ... "CSI GARAGE" has photos, and dental charts that positively ID the little furry marauders?

Nevermind. Destroy the bastards!

I have a Yorkie boy who will take care of you problem NC.

He finally caught one little terrorist bastard who would run along the fence and twitch its little rodent tail taunting my pups.

My Yorkie boy hid under the table, down came the terrorist bastard and Wham my pup got him! One shake and it was all over. GooBOY!

Not all Yorkies are purse Yorkies and they are fast! By th time I figured out who was squealing the terrorist bastard was dead.

I have a very large yellow Lab that loves to kill squirrels. Unfortunately she's in a fenced in part of my back yard so she can't get to the squirrels under the car. Sometimes the squirrels stand at the fence and stick their tongues out at her just to be mean. The little demons cost me $100.

I'll send my pup over!

War seems a little much. The nature of the outrage indicates a mere retaliatory strike.

Our van was recently TOTALED by rodent-wire-chewing damage!

You all realize, don't you, that because we read Dave's blog we're all on the squirrel hit list, right?

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