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November 25, 2013


Photo of Rick Springfield's buttocks shown to jury

(Thanks to Neil Sullivan)


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If I had a nickel....

Silly string? Really? Even Spinal Tap had more class than this tour.

When asked whose buttocks was shown in the photo, Springfield responded: "Possibly mine."

Or possibly someone else's? Helpful, dude.

I believe Rick Springfield's Buttocks opened for David Cassidy.


The Jury is ready for your CLOSE-UP, Rick..,.....

Cracks me up.

The law is an ass.

Lawsuit stinks.

Enough, I'm poooped.

It's him. I never forget a face.

El Greco was working on this at the same time as "View of Toledo."

Can't blame him for the uncertainty.
I thought only politicians were flexible enough to look at and, possibly, stick their heads up their own rears.

Buttocks as weapons? Quick, somebody stop get the Pentagon right away!

Let's discuss this first....

Mistrail to examine the evidence from potential new witnessesses.

"Man, it's a good thing we're getting big bucks for this here jury duty, 'cause this is disGUsting... what?"

And unless I misread the fascinating article, the alleged buttocking happened in 2004. The wheels of justice be grindin' a mite slowly, and maybe not so fine.

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