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November 27, 2013


Stay out of the water.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I saw Monster Skate open for the Bee Gees in '81.

You can't fool me. That's yet another Kard@shian.


Does it have a toe pick?

Can we send it to Washington?

I've stepped on, maybe, a half-dozen stingrays (and one shark) and, thanks to my quick feet, haven't been stung, yet.
Note that some people believe that being around me in the ocean may not be wise.

Is "People of Miami" a new sensitive collective noun? If so, it's a nice gesture, but I think "Persons of Miaminess" has a better ring.

love it, Omni - also Miamites ? Miamish ? Miamiphors ? Miamiphiles ?

Miamians of all sorts were offended by this discussion of what to call them. But they realize it isn't personal so this time they'll let us skate...

We're gonna need more tartar sauce.



(I still think he's alive somewhere. A 24 reference.)

funny man...I'm with you....perimeter.....glub...glub..

I think Miamsters works. Thank God JFK never gave a major speech there.

Hockey or figure...?

Miamsters run on the little wheel things, but they do it naked.

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