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November 25, 2013


Dog needs surgery after actually eating homework

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The Effects of Sleep Deprivation - PhD Candidate

"You're tired." Thank you, now give me my degree.

One of favorite Far Side comics featured a young Indian snake charmer, going into the classroom to tell his teacher "My homework ate my dog".

She deserved an "A" ... her science project was lab-tested ...

If it was an algebra problem, any good mathematician could work it out with a pencil....

As a well-known dog scientist, I can state firmly that there are things I would eat that the dogs would not.
Unfortunately, my wife will no longer kiss me.

*snork* @ O the U

Teacher wouldn't believe me.

Anybody with half a brain cell should know you never leave anything that resembles food anywhere near a Labrador Retriever. My Lab, Daisy, will eat anything that doesn't try to eat her first. She especially loves squirrel.

It may be lab tested, but until she runs it by the House of Lords, she can't say it's peer reviewed.

EXCEllent point, Omni' ... that's whut comes after she shows the judges her thesis, right?

DISagree, n'cin' ... it duzn't hasta resemble food fer a Lab to eat it ...

If the dog lifted its leg, it's been pee-er reviewed.

He did, however, have the option to take it Pass/Fail...

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