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November 29, 2013


Rialto Walmart Thanksgiving brawl sends one police officer to hospital


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The deputies were called out to a Walmart in East Tennessee for the same reason.

"Isolated incident?" After assaults in CA, VA, TN, NJ, TX, NC, and Iowa, apparently this "tradition" is store-oriented.

I didn't go to Walmart last night but I did go to an early Black Friday sale at our mall. I stupidly stepped in front of a table full of boots that were marked down 50%. Three women came after me and I truly believe the only reason I'm still alive is because I screamed that I was one of them and had no intention of buying any boots. Never again.

I work just a few miles from that store. The place is like the quote from _Gremlins_: Don't go there after sunset.

And the town's movie theater, before it closed to become (no joke) a new mini Wal Mart, was commonly known around town asd "The Ghettoplex".

Right, putting "Walmart" and "brawl" together is redundant.

I didn't go shopping last night at all. Walmart seems to have something going on somewhere like this every year. Amazing. Gee, what a Happy Thanksgiving

Annie: add MI to your list. There was some kind of wrangle in Saginaw. WalMart of course.

"... many a time and oft. In the Rialto ...". Ah. Different Rialto methinks.

Kohl's in Romeoville, Illinois can be added to the list.

In a much more sedate town, I have seen posts on Sunday nights from friends asking if someone can provide cover fire in case an ink run for a kid's printer needs for homework and the only place open is Walmart.

This is the same location that had an off-duty Deputy pull a gun on a pregnant woman for having too many items in the express line on SuperSomething Sunday.

It's them darn pregnant women what causes all the trouble.

We need a tactical US map for Walmart assaults. 'Clean-up on aisle 2' should not involve the SWAT team.

Here's video of a NC Walmart - note the security guards at top right, just watching the brawl. The aggressive dude in the center is trying to break up the fight, I believe.

The reason its a headline is that only one officer was sent to the hospital. Otherwise its just called Thursday.

Add Grand Forks, ND to the list ... tho this one wuz merely a shoplifter with a cart full of merchandise (unpaid, of course) ... and she "struck a store employee" as she wuz escapin' ... they've got the license on security video, so I'm thinkin' that Christmas might not be so jolly fer her ... (employee not injured) ...

Besides, whut is there @ Menard's that's werth stealin' ... ?

(OK ... that's a cheap shot ... nevermind that part ...)

Now, instead of the 'People of Wal Mart' calendar we're going to see the 'Wal Mart Ultimate Fighter' calendar?

Add all this to the wage riots being staged there, and this adds up to some seriously bad publicity...not that they care, of course.

Question: if you start brawling at a Sam's Club, do you have to brawl in bulk (ie., as a group)?

they should just Mace the whole line of the nuts waiting to get in.

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