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November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgivukkah!

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Dang proud to see the account is managed by Valparaiso University, even if I'm confused.

How about the holiday for people who just don't care: Thanksgivafu ... no, let's not go there.

This sort of thing is why Thanksgivukkah wont' be celebrated again for a long time (79,043). However, I do like the screaming-goat cameo at 2:20. Screaming goats don't get as much attention as fainting goats. Hence their screaming.

And yes 'screaming goat cameo' WBAGNFARB.

Does this mean my turkey is gonna last eight days?

Annie in 2070, Hanukkah will start on Thanksgiving. So it will happen again in your lifetime.

Thanksgiving should be one of the most important holidays. It hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves.

Percentage of Thursday night football viewers who last
until the fourth quarter? Two percent! US weight gain
come Friday morning? Hello to Weight Watchers!

How many years before Thanksgiving falls on Talk Like A Pirate Day ?

I'm with Theresa on that. Thanksgiving is #1!


CLARIFICATION: The Valpo connection turns out to be because of old cookies on the PC I inherited after my son broke his machine... Oops.

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