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November 25, 2013


Simulator could let humans 'taste the internet'

(Thanks to The Perts)


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So make sure your words are sweet, in case you have to eat them later.

Somebody famous once said that, so I'm not taking credit for it. I guess I'm just reheating a leftover.

Considering the number of poo stories on this blog, I definitely think it would be a bad idea.

I'm sure the Xrated sites will lead all with the new technology. Ewwwwwwwwww.....


Cow...cow...cow...cow... COW!...cow...cow...

No Manilow posts! Ack! Thifffpt!

And PORN viewers may one day be able to actually feel what it's like to be caught by their spouses.
What'd you think I was going to say?

hmm. crunchy frog.

"Don't taste it. You don't know where that internet's been! and always wash your hands"...

Mom's advice, which may also apply to washing your tongue now....

Huge mistake? I would have thought this is precisely the blog ready and waiting for it...

all five of the tongue's taste components


sweet, salty, sour or bitter flavours.

so is it the boffins or the journalists who can't count?

Asian cooks are supposed to recognize and use a fifth taste, umami. My personal belief is that somebody asked David Chang if he really invented noodles, and he replied, "Yo Mama!", but they misunderstood him.

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