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November 25, 2013


Naked man in high heels, turban arrested on drug charges in Augusta

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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High heels and a turban? Not very nekked then.

That failure to maintain a lane charge was what brought him over the top.

It was a Fashion Police? Everybody knows that you don't wear high heels to a turban - only sandals.

Thank goodness for shoddy journalism. No pictures.

Georgia is one of only two states....

....that borders Florida.

How could they tell it was a "man"? Seems like profiling.

Pink panties and a beard always clash, dude.

He's found what he's good at.
And he's not very good at it.

So, it's not gettin' cold, down there in Georgia, yet?

Just Some Guy, they could tell it was a man because naked men have a *very* distinctive profile. IYSWIM.

    Yomamma's Bin Shoppin

Is it a defense to the public indecency charge that they arrested him while he was trying to get dressed?

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