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November 30, 2013


Man told police he was fleeing zombies when he stole truck

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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Stealing a newspaper truck is really bad idea if you don't want to end up on the front page -- and then on a national blog.

Next time, hide from the zombies in the back of the truck and surprise the driver.

*refuses to break blog's strict policy of not making fun of Mr. Hurlbut's name*

Frozen stares, stiff joints, body parts falling off...those aren't zombies - it's just November in Minnesota.

Annie -- so tempting to make a Vikings joke, but I like Leslie Frazier too much

Given the earlier part of his day, a fear of being chased wasn't really irrational. High probability, in fact.

I was more shocked by the newspaper delivery truck. Who reads the paper anymore? Maybe they use it for fuel....

Read the newspaper? I only buy it for the TV listings and the comics. It is better than TV Guide for starting the woodstove when I forget and leave the stove open all morning.

I have a philosophical question that does not let me sleep at night:
As everybody knows from school, if a zombie bites someone,,that person becomes a zombie. Also if a vampire bites someone, that person becomes a vampire. So, what happens if a vampire bites a zombie, and then that zombie bites a person? That person would be a zombie or a vampire?
Any suggestions?

Apropos of nothing again, there was a zombie soft-core porno on the Free HBO Weekend being offered by my cable company...and I said, "Let's not, and say I didn't"...don't want THAT as a permanent impress upon my psyche...

Loko -- depending on the tradition, the vampire would have a problem with non-fresh blood.

My guess is that the hybrid would end up at law school and pass the bar.

Loko: Zompireducken

Oh, isn't it obvious by now, if a zombie bites a vampire, or VISA-VERSA, they become politicians and join congress. Ever looked that close at orange-bohner
or mitchy mccccconnel....

Can't happen, bilb. Somewhere along the food chain, zombies still require brains.

And ScottMGS wins the thread!

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