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November 28, 2013


Beware the Ticking Meat Bomb of Death.


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Didn't they open for Strawberry Alarm Clock?

Seriously, Happy Thanksgiving Barry family and blog family.

Let the face-stuffing begin.

The Whole Famn Damily for Thanksgiving meal List;

1- Turkey in Oven - Check
2- Potatoes ready to boil- Check
3- Fire Arms locked Away - Check

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to ALL.

pretty sure the 'Ticking Meat Bomb of Death' was heavily blogging below last night

Blog -
Everyday !


When Mr. Rather talks turkey, people listen. Carefully .

For the first and only time in our lifetime (the last was 1888), let me wish you all a Happy Thanksgivvukah!.

Happy Thanksgiving Dave and Family. I can't wait to get cooking today and get my nativity scene outside

Ya know, when I was a kid, I thought the song went, "The whores know the way to pull the sleigh...."

The grill is just about ready to welcome the turkey. One of my little girls (who is now 30, if I can accept that) has come in, and all is well.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

To save time so we can get shopping, we're ordering McTwerky Turkey Shakes at the drive thru at McD's. Pureed turkey butt in a mashed potato shake! We'll sit and say thanks at one of the dining tables at Ikea. Then we'll watch football at the massive wall o' TVs at W@lmart.

Mrs. Omni being the senior sister present in town, here, I suggested that we offer to have the junior sister and husband over, since as new empty nesters, they might be at odd ends. Fortunately, before we could act, all three nieces announced their intent to come home, so we'll be joining them. Score! All I have to do is select an appropriate wine and perhaps a few snax.

Just as well, too. The squirrels have been gnawing on the centrifuge cables, and the AEA inspectors won't let me process enough fissile material to roast a whole turkey.


I'm reasonably certain this is not Dan Rather's home planet.

Giving thanks for Traditions! My cup runneth over, Thanksgivvukah and The Twilight Zone Marathon!

"Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city."

...thus spake George Burns.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! May you have more turkey and stuffing than you can eat, a warm place to eat it, and lots of friends and family helping you to celebrate.

"Go tell your friend Veronica, it's time for...Thanksgivvukah??"

And, by the way...when is the official start of Festivus? I still have to buy a metal pole...

But, seriously folks...whatever you're celebrating today, may you be safe and happy.

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