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November 27, 2013


Man to sell testicle to buy sports car

(Thanks to nursecindy and DaninTustin)


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Takes a lot of b@lls

I could see if it was a Bentley convertible, maybe, but a Nissan?

I think not.

This guy is nut!

I'd do that ...

Not mine, of course, but sumbuddy's ...

Whut'm I bid?

testalossa ?

He knows "I'd give my left nut to...(fill in the blank)" is just an expression, right?

Losing a ball may make him want a sports car a lot less.

He's selling half the reason he wants the car in the first place.

Easy, easy. I drive an old 350Z, myself. It's a nice car, but ...

the ultimate sac-rifice

This is news? I've always assumed that this was how it was normally done.

Girls, he's single (or soon will be--the testicle, that is...)

Truly awful puns all. Well done!

Yet another thing you will never see a woman doing. Not that we could but if it were possible we wouldn't.

Do the new health laws cover this?

Alright! Takin' one from the team!

Is he after the coupe or the convertible? In terms of price it makes a vas deferens.

Justin Bieber, "That Nissan 370 is so cock. I'd give double whatever you gave to have one."

At my age I might get enough for a skateboard.

no doubt he'll make a single low ball offer

And now that he has it I assume he's driving it ball-to-the-wall.

SO every car co. in the world should offer him a rig, Tesla for your Nut yep.
You can't buy that kind of EXPOSURE....

So who would actually pay this guy for it?

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