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November 30, 2013


An enormous and iconic straw goat that gets illegally torched almost every Christmas is to be unveiled to the Gävle public on Sunday, with organizers confident a changed in design will keep arsonists at bay.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Why don't they make it of a non-flammable material?

Just askin

I don't know about your Boy Scout experience, but my troop was a follower of the unofficial motto: If you try hard enough, anything will burn.

I have great faith in my Nordic cousins and their statement Håll min öl. Detta bör bara ta en minut.

Our troop always made sure someone brought Boy Scout Water* on every camping trip ... that "rub two sticks together" trick only worked in a project for shop class ...


HELP ME ! ! !

It's funny. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, "Hmm, I wonder if the Gavle Goat is up yet and when Dave will have the first story this year" and voila!

Well done, sir.

A machine gun turret on its keester would surely quell the flame-tards.

And don't call me surely.

Make it out of Legos.

- are we allowed to say 'retardant' ?

Hello, US Embassy, Stockholm. May I help you?

Yes, please, is it that I could to borrow a drone? Just for the one night, perhaps?

Mr. Khrushchev, burn down this Goat.

They should contact the former owner of the last "Dime Store" in my little town.
Every Halloween, he stocked costumes. All of them were labeled "Flame Retarded".

We saw Flaming Straw Goat open for Poi Dog Pondering.

O the U -- Scouting was where I learned the phrase "Fire in the Hole" and the corresponding snicker when a soup can would be tossed into the campfire.

My brother's troop was banned from national forests after one incident involving a teepee and lighter fluid.

I'm thinking surgical tube, unlit napalm balloons (three or four) plus one lit Molotov Cocktail. Keep some balloons handy in case the flames are uneven.

Too bad I wasn't a Boy Scout so I have to rely on 4H experience.

Fill a half-gallon paper milk carton or glass jar with a mixture of 10oz of powdered iron rust, 8 oz of powdered aluminum and the propellant from 4 large model rocket engines - top the container off with a gasoline/styrofoam gel, place on top of the goat and get well clear before igniting. A nice concoction that will burn through concrete and sometimes even set it on fire.

How very interesting. I wonder if you folks would lean a bit closer to keyboard and type those recipes again. Smile now. Ah, good one. Thanks.

Maybe that's the new design: A fake goat with cans of propane to take out the arsonists, followed by the real goat when the arsonists' ashes have been scattered.

beware of straw goats as they may have greeks hiding in them, better to light them upa

Firestarting 101: Rub a Boy Scout and a Girl Scout together; goat optional.

Huge snorks @ Omni and Max.

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