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November 25, 2013


Painting of Danish royal family criticized as 'creepy'


(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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They have the aura of a gluten overdose. I was the same way after too many Danish Butter Cookies.*

*Which I will never eat again because I'm giving all my freaking butter cookies to that demonchild in the middle before he kills me in my sleep.

Creepy...? Just because it looks like a combination of a di chirico painting and a lobby poster for " Children of the Damned " ...?

They're creepy and they're kooky;
Mysterious and spooky;
They're altogether together ooky,
The Danish Family.

Gotta be cousins of Wednesday & Pugsley ...

actually, after perusin' it a bit more, that kid in the middle DOES look kinda melancholy ...

Looks like a cross between THE OMEN and THE OTHER.

But creepy? Nah.

A shoe in for the royal rendition of AwkwardfamilyPhotos.com

Hello Annie! Long time no post.

And who are those three little people in the background? Obviously not great Danes.

I'm with Howard and OTU, Adams Family redux.

Property values soar in Norway.

This is obviously the picture they will use for their Christmas cards. I'm pretty sure that Tim Burton is on their list.

How did Pugsley get the center spot? That should always be Morticia and Gomez...

Heya, Annie!!

Taking four years to paint a child seems sort of antiproductive.

snork @ howard... awkwaard fam photos - creepy family photos!

The Royal Painting will be available on the shopping channel as glossy print, wearable print, or on your own "funny money"...

"BWha ha ha ha!" said the depressed little boy...

The best criticism (or mockery, take your pick) of the portrait is here. Yes, the term "ooky" turns up in the comments.

The best passage:

To the right, young princes Nikolai and Felix build the metaphorical tower of blood that they must eventually climb to take the Danish throne for their own. But they will not ascend to claim their crimson thrones unchallenged. To get there, they must first defeat Prince Christian, the second heir to the throne, whom Kluge depicts as the 1,000-year-old Satanic dwarf in the center of the painting. But the prince will not easily be killed: he has splintered his soul between seven horcruxes, each of which has been hidden as a sort of Easter egg within Kluge's masterpiece. Can you find them all?

Had me laughing all day.

Funny Man -- but no black velvet? Those guys who set up in gas station parking lots should be able to move a bunch of these.

Salvador Dali is alive?

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