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November 27, 2013


Phallic sculptor strikes again

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker and The Perts)


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They 'plowed under the bush.'

I'm confused. Isn't that the job of the phallus-thingy?

For some reason that reminds me...

The word "spine" is, of course, an anagram of "penis". This is true in
almost fifty percent of the languages of the Galaxy, and many people
have attempted to explain why. Usually these explanations get bogged
down in silly puns about "standing erect".
-- Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

hey, garland - how's it hangin' ?

"If women didn't exist, all the money in the WORLD would HAVE no meaning."

Aristotle Onassis, one of the wealthiest men in the world in his time...

HELLO Dahlings............

If women didn't exist, Onassis wouldn't have said that.

Don't worry about it. It's winter in Canada.
Pretty soon, it won't even catch your eye.

Onassis DID say that....that's the PROBLEM....

I know what I could answer in his own words: and it['s's a HARD decision in the end, for instance:

"If women did't exist, all the moneyin the world would have NO meaning.

"After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The GAME if what counts."

The Late, very charming and brilliant -albeit questionable whether we would designate him as our "Executor " of our Long Life working wills.....

THIS IS WHY WE appreciate the one and only DAVE BARRY...

Man was is/a (And a I was Philanthropist/BENEFATOR my entire life - no more

Dave NAILS IT with humor)

The world/humans were VERY greedy. They were NOT receptive to (as all other species were/are) THIS IS OUR LIFE..


Nora Desmond


My dad, way back in 1965, performed an abortion in his office on the 14 year old daughter of the Attorney General of Mass. daughter. at the time. You NEVER forget that.

YUP, the older we are, the MORE we NEED YOU!

Feel free to delete any and anything...but YOU got it and KNOW it's all true.

Love to the SCIENTISTS and HUMOURISTS....who REALLY TRIED, unselfishly.......

Just for the record, Nora Desmond is an anagram of Droned Moans.

Maybe the two or One Percent who the other 98 or 99 percent HATE have always been the TRUTH TELLERS:


Dave Barry, you have been the ONLY bright spot in my life for a long time. Every time I deal with undercover videos of 6-8 yr old boys, literally chained at the ankle in warehouses for suicide missions.......

Thank you.

For whatever it's worth...it's the TRUTH, sadly

MAN was/is the ONLY SPECIES that THIS LIFE isn't good enough : WE DEMANDE A BETTER, NEXT ONE.

And then He/THey had NONE.

Might want to cut back on the coffee, there.

Folks, I hear you, you are NOT hearing me.

I have never even MET, DAVE , personally, but his writings/quotes...have kept MANY of us Benefactors/Philanthropists ALIVE....when........

We ALL love him, individually and as a groups, ie. Doctors Without Borders, etc.

As a matter of fact, TO PROVE what I am SAYING - and our LIVES are/have not been worth ANYTHING unless THE TRUTH accounts for something....

Dave Barry..I/We would like to donate two (2) thousand dollars to the Charity of Your Choice.

Tell me/us what it is...and it's a DONE DEAL.

(The least we can do , literally)

If Dave Barry, actually comes on HIMSELF and answers the question...the ante is up to FOUR *4) thousand dollars, on behalf of his lifetime fans.

My recommendation, and PROOF of truth, comes from my neighbor, if needed, BILL GATES.

Dave, as a said to my 84 year old living legend dad in an email tonight:

Dad....people CAN"T TAKE THE TRUTH anymore. They never will again. We are living Now, DAILY, in what the SCIENTISTS PREDICTED.....

We need YOU now MORE THAN ever. The scientists have one hope left: even the Yale Phi Betas in Physicts. (Is there a way we can NOT GO DOWN like the Titanic."

Between two Yale Phi Betas in Physicsts and YOU........


PS. Have never been very "Computer Suavy" and still and not, never had to be, was done FOR me.

I literally OWN SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and cannot read it myself anymore. ALL NEGATIVE, nothing MONEY can do to help.

You don't believe that MAN is/was the most GREEDY selfish....try this secario...

Bill Gates gives/promises every PERSON in the WORLD, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Think they'd be appreciative?

Yes, I come from a Massachusetts GENERAL HOSPITAL...Medical FAMIILY... I have SEEN everything because of it.

I have seen, as a teenager,"The ARab has arrived, with his enterouge, and taken up the ENTIRE 7th FLOOR.

You never forget it Dave, and yes, I refused a marriage proposal by......


On behalf of the biggest Yale Physicists and Astronauts....

Thank you......

Holy stream of consciousness, Barman!

THe biggest/most humane people in the world, the SCIENTISTS, continue to do their job because no one else has the credentials to do it,

But, as the BIGGEST PHYSICISTS, YALE, Phi Betas in PHYSICS....

NOT funny any more, is it?

If you guys are not PAID INTERNET SHILLS, and are REALLY fans of this author.......we can start something GREAT....we don't NEED anything else

Benefacator/philanthropist who KNOW man needs HUMOR mmore than more TRUTH now, at the end, to stop the suffering of INNOCENTS.

WE MUST/MUST STOP the suffering of INNOCENTS....

Sadly, the WOMWEN are NOT going to stop it on their own.

Have worked with Jay Lenp's wife, Mavis, for many years now in AFrica.....they women literally DON"T CARE about their own daughter/granddaughter.

Oh yes....is man eeven WORTH saving...

. . . um, 'blame bush' ?

The selfish masses ie those who DEMANDED a BETTER, NEXT life NOW have NOTHING to COMplain ABOUT :

We SAVED your childen; you did't give a rats ass about your children..you kept bring back MORE children with the same problems, over and over, becuae YOU, AS PARENTS, didn't give a SHI..

You TRULY want to STOP the suffering of INNOCENTs, immediately AND world--wide: "HERE's how:

Every female - worldwide:

"Stick it in a Donut!"

Of course - it's NOT going to happen...... so...once again we are left with the brilliant Prof of Physics, Isaac Asimof:

"If my Doctor told me I only had 6 weeks to live, I would't brood, I'd TYPE faster."

I know, Love you, Issac.

Guess what Issac, either the BEST for MOther Nature or the WORSE for man has happened.

MAN wa SO SELIFISH and GREEDY that THIS LIFE wasn't good enough for him. He DEMANDED, the only SPECIES who did, A BETTER, NEXT ONE.

Now he has NONE.

somebody get the straightjacket

Well played ligirl, well played.


How 'bout them Detroit Lions, eh?

Would have loved to have a Packer win, just so the Bears can get ahead in the standings. I was hoping for the game to end in a tie.

Rodgers' mustache needs a mullet to look better.

Wow. We're paid internet shills.

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