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November 27, 2013


Unfortunately, etc.

Another profile our strict policy prohibits us from linking to can be found here.

As well as here.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Talk about a life-defining moniker ......

And LinkedIn is doing him no favors with the following, found near the bottom of the page:

"View Dick Cumming’s full profile to... •See who you and Dick Cumming know in common •Get introduced to Dick Cumming •Contact Dick Cumming directly

View Full Profile

Not the Dick Cumming you were looking for? View more » "

Absoutley pants-wettingly hilarious!

For us, p'haps ... I'd wonder, tho, if his SO gets the giggles @ certain "important" moments ...

dick cumming - married to 'sheila b. - ' ?

♫ 'round the mountain . . .

Seriously, I thought Harry Box was a woman. I guess that's cause I used to watch that Kathy Bates TV show about a woman named Harry. Her last name was Porn, wasn't it? Oh, Korn. same difference.

"Get introduced to Randy Dong"

No, thank you. I used to date a Wang.

"See Dick Cumming's profile..."

Again I decline.

Because, if you've seen one dick, haven't you seen
(wait for it...) them all?

That does it. I'm changing my name.

You should have warned me that these were on LinkedIn. I'm still logged in, so it will show up that I viewed his profile...

I wonder if Harry Box and Randy Dong are friendes.

Mr.Dong's wife, Ding, had no comment regarding their unusual last name.

You notice how often he shows up in Pac-rim money market stories? He must be a big shot.

I have met a Richard Johnson, a Rich Sprinkle, and a Rich Manly. Yes. I'm not sure what their parents were thinking. At least Rich Manly sounds sort of complimentary.

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