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October 24, 2013


A real life Fru T. Bunn baker who specialises in making edible gingerbread sex objects has agreed to pay compensation for sexual harassment to two young female workers after he gave them gingerbread penises topped with whipped cream.

(Thanks to Julius Marx)


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Look, if you work at a place called Fru T. Bunn, you've got to expect things to be a little screwy.

In my youngish days, I made tires for Goodyear.
Ever since then, when I see a Goodyear tire, I'm reminded of a$$holes.
How much can I get?

i believe you are not the REAL Julius Marx. We do not take his name in vain, you know.

No, I'm not the real href="http://groanup.com" target="_blank">Julius Marx.

What gave me away?

Sorry 'bout that last post. I thought I could use HTML tags to turn my "name" into a link. Guess not.

Bakery goods are just too serious a subject to be the source of offensive pranks.

Maybe he could claim he thought they were gay and......not sure where to go with this.....

Maybe he was just trying to show them, in his own cheeky way, that he appreciated their firm, springy buns.

When you say Julius Marx, you talking the Cigar-Glasses-BetYourLife guy?

Fruity bun?

there is only ONE julius henry marx. and he is the u bet your life guy. the one, the ONLY groucho.

One of the Firesign Theater albums had a Soviet-ish crowd scene with banners: "All Hail Marx and Lennon!" The pictures, of course, were Groucho and the Old Walrus.

More cookies for nookies.

You can run and run,
Even though you're the meanest.
You can't catch me,
I'm the gingerbread ...

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