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October 24, 2013


3 students hurt when cop's gun discharges at school safety demo

(Thanks to klezmerphan)


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"See what I just did? Don't ever do that."

"oopsy - my bad

"Lesson 2 - calling 911."

Now, see, if those kids had been armed they could have returned fire at the shooter themselves, deterring future attacks of this sort

No donut for you!

There's just no excuse for that. Everyone who handles guns should receive safety training, with enough practice to assure that safe handling is instinctive. Police are no exception, although, sadly, some think that they are.

when i was teaching, in the 70s, some cop came in to demonstrate some kind of just say no to drugs-- he had samples and pipes. couldnt understand how an auditorium full of 7th graders would TAKE some of his stash, i mean samples. ya cant fix stupid.

When are we going to get these armed hooligans out of our schools?

Was his name Barney Fife?

I like how the article puts "accidental discharge" in scare quotes, as if the reporter thinks a cop would deliberately shoot a bunch of kids in front of that many witnesses.

What kind of gun was being demonstrated that shot THREE kids before it stopped firing?

I'm with Ernie. There is no excuse for accidentally firing a gun. As for the scare quotes, I think that's because they're using "accidental discharge" as a euphemism for "criminally stupid incompetence."

Remembering my grade school class, I bet somebody dared somebody else to pull the cop's gun out of his holster while he was looking the other way. Do automatic weapons have safety locks?

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