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October 31, 2013


Japan’s Latest Invention: Camel Toe Underwear

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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I can get/give a wedgie for free.

That's right. 0 down, zero drive off, 0% financing. Drive a new Camry off today to guarantee your free pair of Camel Toe underpants and a sure recall.

*catchy background Yoko Ono tune implying Instant Karma will get you plays out in full

"Welcome Back to our Breaking News report and totally useless twenty-four seven Obamacare ocverage..."

The Japanese are a very strange people.

thong gone wong

Theoretically, isn't underwear supposed to be " under " something ?

we really do not need to see this.

Japan, having solved all its other problems, ...

There's something creeping creepy about those.

Japan: coming up with 78% world's weird shit since 1952.

From the picture, that woman appears to be smuggling a real camel.

Naturally, there is already a video.

I think it's the camels nose. Too late.

ok, I read a weird thing today... A claim that Stalin/USA had a deal to split Japan after the war. Senior Truman did not like this, and his way of nixing the deal was to nuke the place. Annals of Really Stupid Ideas.

Lift... and separate.

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