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October 09, 2013


...starting in November, the company will, for $99, begin shipping live cockroaches across the nation, accompanied by a microelectronic hardware and surgical kits geared toward students as young as 10 years old.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Don't bug me, man.

I believe Cyborg Cockroach was the opening act at the last Rock Bottom Remainders concert.

maybe we could send em to congress.

Just as long as they're not playing dodge ball - either the kids or the roaches.

Just wait. They'll probably stay open through Christmas, but then some kid is going to try to operate on their little brother.

I for one welcome our new cybernetic insect overlords and remind them that, as a reliable blog commenter, I could be useful for rounding up others to labour in the compost heaps and under the kitchen appliances.

Cockroachs have rights activists? No donations from the borax companies, I bet. But really, how sad does your life have to be to go around saying "but who'll think of the cockroaches"?

See a roach and step on it. Simple.
But this involves making a roach do things that are potentially very contrary to its survival instincts, such as come out into the open.
There is an element of torture to that, just as there would be in pushing a button to make a GOP Congressman help the poor.

Can everyone see NOW why we need term limits ?

*signs up grandson*

Can I possibly make a living wrangling palmetto bugs?

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