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October 30, 2013


Avios mix-up sees woman fly to Grenada, not Granada

(Thanks to The Perts)


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'. . . and boy are her arms tired !'

Could've been worse. They could've flown her to Miami.

You say Grenada and I say Granada.
Grenada, Granada,
Let's call the whole thing off.

I once heard a story on a plane which may have been apocryphal about a woman who boarded a plane in LA headed - she thought - for Oakland, only to discover the plane was heading for Auckland.

As I said, it could be true...

What's the difference ?

Someone gets flown to the Caribbean by mistake, and they're upset about it? First time for everything.

Heh, back when the US invaded Granada I was reading news for a radio station on a split morning shift (3-9AM) using the AP wire. The AP put out a pronunciation guide every hour with words which might be confusing in news. There must have been an editor war or something going on at the AP because for about 2 hours every five minutes the wire had a new pronunciation guide with Grenada/Grenada changed. I don't know how the editor war ended, but when I left a little after 9:00 the every 5 minute changes had stopped and 9AM pronunciation guide had the US invading Spain.

Excuse me. I have to have a word with my art dealer about this "View of Toledo" he sold me.

Another story I have heard involved confusion over the airport codes for Albany and Albuquerque, only one of which can be ALB.

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