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October 30, 2013


Law Firm Memo To Women: No Giggling, No Squirming, No Cleavage

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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The first two should go to men also. But I have never seen professionally dressed men wear only have a shirt, so it is women who need reminding on that score.

Giggling, Squirming, and Cleavage opened for Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

"We're gonna give you Pictures of an Inhibition!" (Loud cheering)

The memo also counsels its recipients to "wear a suit, not your party outfit"

Is a birthday suit OK?

And they wonder why women are 'indirectly aggressive'?

"practice with the mike"

- that's what he said

No Giggling, No Squirming, No Cleavage, No Fun!

Aren't Giggle, Squirm and Cleavage the attorneys for Miley Cyrus?

The memo to the guys said "no farting, nose picking, crotch scratching or leering".

Matters seem to have deteriorated since the "no flip-flops at the White House" controversy.

It isn't just female attorneys who seem to have missed the 'professional dress and demeanor' memo. I recently worked in a restaurant where several novice female chefs dressed in skintight chef's jackets, spandex chef's pants, and high-heeled shoes, and had the temerity to complain that the veteran kitchen staff "did not take them seriously".
(And, no, you may NOT have the address of the restaurant, naughty boys.)

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