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October 30, 2013


Black-market monkey operation closed in Miami


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This sort of monkey business can not be tolerated in our society. Not only have these monkeys been taking jobs which humans could do*, they've been doing it without paying taxes.

*I concede that monkey would make a better cashier in a market than some human cashiers I've encountered, but there are many humans who are just as good if not better than monkeys.

Max, the same is true of Congress.

Monkeys are black marketeers now? I bet the squirrels are their best customers.

We saw Black Market Monkey Operation open for Pantera.

It was a lousy movie with Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, and Justin Bieber as the monkey. I think Ronald Reagan was in it, to.

Base calumny Omni, Reagan was too good an actor to ever work with a monkey. Reagan was a big enough star that he could land acting jobs working with chimps, which no doubt was good practice for going into politics and working with chumps.

That's funny. Black Market Monkey Emporium opened for Kings of Leon in Vegas last week.

Beware! There are no guaranties on black market monkeys. If you break your monkey you're SOL.

I served at Base Calumny, back when Major Incident was in command.

Is it easier or harder to obtain a wildlife license or a driver license in Florida?

Depends on what kind of wildlife you want to be.

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