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October 31, 2013


Everybody has it, and solo performance artist Katy Rydell promises to present a lively “montage of the world’s collective wisdom about flatulence” on Saturday, Nov. 16, at the Donkey Mill Art Center in Holualoa.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I dunno, the reviewers all say the show stinks.

I saw "Montage of Flatulence" open for Earth Wind and Fire.

I laughed, I cried, I waved the covers up an down..

Rydell, who has a master’s degree in Folklore from UCLA, has collected a wealth of material on this universal subject since her graduate school days.

How proud her mother must be.

Will gas masks be provided?

A Master degree in Folklore? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There is a degree that will get you scooped up right away.

artsy fartsy

The other F word?

Reminds me of a scene in Waiting for Godot :

« -- Who farted?
-- Me! »

I see the reviews in my crystal bowl. Critics said the performance stunk. All sound and fury. The artist claimed the dog did it.

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