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October 31, 2013


A Kingsport woman's food cravings allegedly ran amok Wednesday morning, as her boyfriend's refusal to visit McDonald's spurred her to run him over with a pickup truck — striking him three times.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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I could have seen this before they got the lard out of the fries. Now, not as good.

Usually when you get run over by a pick up truck at the hands of the mother of your children the police give you a domestic violence form to fill out on the spot right off the bat. I knew this, but was thinking broken limbs and gravel stuck about the head and face may require attention first within the triage. I feel so wrong.

No jury (of women) will find her guilty.

Shocking twist in the story you couldn't foresee;

Brooks, her boyfriend and an acquaintance had "all been drinking," then went out to eat.

Any blog guy who asks if it was PMS will get a visit from the Bikini Wax team of NurseCindy and MikeyVA.

You have been warned!

Still safer than Chucky Cheese.

If I had been run over by my own truck, I would be denying just about everything, too.

Did he get fries with that?

Absolutely, Mikey.

Well someone isn't loving it.

I would never, ever suggest PMS as a cause but I do mark my calendar when appropriate.

Don't worry, Mikey. I would never suggest PMS. If it was PMS, he would be dead.

This kind of violence is why they're ending the Dollar Menu.

WOW, Kingsport Toyota, or was it Nissan is having a sale!

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