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October 30, 2013


World's largest chicken nugget on display in Secaucus

(Thanks to Chris Curvey and Barbara A)


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What the cluck?

- made of leftover fast food from Yom Kippur

Was it one of the Seven?

*Hops on geezer bus*

Parts is parts.

How'd they do that?
It's a mystery.

kosher chickens are larger than gentile ones. other than that, yea, what the cluck.

Now with 31% Chicken!

Not sold in stores.

If you show up on Halloween as a 51 pound chicken nugget, will the North Dakota lady give you a letter?

(There's only one way to find out!)

Secaucus is the home of the world's largest garbage McNugget already.

When I think of chicken nuggets, Secaucus immediately comes to mind.

Wait ... Has anybody seen the giant inflatable duck recently?


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