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October 25, 2013


...for Carpool Dummmies.


(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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HA! If they catch you here on the Dulles Toll Road, they are NOT happy!

California already has enough dummies.

Florida driver's license?

I have heard that this is the second leading use for inflatable sex dolls in Washington, D.C. (#1 is internships.)

I'm not sure that having the Unibomber riding shotgun is a good idea

#2 is no dummy: That's Lindsey Loha -



We saw Carpool Dummies open for Crash Test Dummies. Or was it Left Lane Cruiser?

Frank : I think it was The Cars.

Re: Carpool Dummies. Please stop making fun of people who drive a Prius. (What is the plural of Prius? Prii?)

If your passenger is cooking crack, you're doing it wrong.

That's Walter White.

The plural of Prius is arrogant pr!ck.

Now, now. Just because someone chooses to ride around on big chunks of lithium, that doesn't make them a ...

Man, how did we get here? Started with a nice post about idiots and their crash-test dummy passengers, and look where we ended up. Jalopnik will sue for brand infringement.

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