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October 07, 2013


Pantsless, Masturbating McDonald's Customer, 69, Tried To Force Drive-Thru Worker To Touch Him

(Thanks to Ryhan Jentzsch)


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Confirmed Cher Farewell Tour ticket holder displays his exuberation.

He wanted it "His Way!"

... or is it now "We Like It!"?

I was going to say that, Kibby. He should have gone to Burger King then.

McDonalds' new motto: "Can't Touch This."

Grampaw's not supposed to be driving . . .

Evidently he took this commercial a little too seriously.

um, thanks for the description. yuck.

I guess the customer isn't always right. Or sane.

I read the first word as "painless". I'm glad I was wrong.

"Oh, and could you hold my pickle?"

Special Sauce?

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