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October 28, 2013


An academy in south London has banned popular slang words used by pupils in an effort to improve standards of English.


(Thanks to The Perts)


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The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

And no finger-guns, either! "Justin Bieber" is RIGHT OUT!

I would like to ban and maybe taser people who say "No Problem," when you say, Thank you.

The answer is "You're Welcome!"

And, in keeping with the spirit (Halloween, remember) of this endeavor, let's ban the use of any English not reflecting the era of the King James Bible.

'Sonly proper English, innit?

Basically, Coz, we ain't, like, gonna pay no extra attention to this, cause it's extra dumb, innit? We woz gonna bare somthin' in your direction, yeah, but your sign didn't mention not using 'buttocks', so ...

They've banned the word "like"? That's going to make it a little difficult on Facebook and youtube if you see a cute kitten picture or video and want others to know how much you appreciate it.
Mikey I agree with you about people saying no problem. I also hate it when someone asks me "what's up".

'Aye, Padraig, 'Tis.

'School dinner was, like, lasagna' is given as an example of bad English? I've been served a substance in schools which is like lasagna but calling it lasagna would be the real crime against the English Language.


Blimey !


Basic ally to Dorothy in the bare bones production of the Wizard of Coz was, instead of a good witch, a h-aint, the actor of whom had previously served as an extra innit; and when the question was asked of whether he could wiz like a Wizard, his reponse was that "we woz even better than you woz", so the only remaining deliberation was whether h-aint should start with an "h", which was put to a vote of nay-h versus yea-h.


cindy, when someone asks me "what's up?" I usually tell them that it's a preposition and then watch the puzzled looks on their faces.

That's a good one Lazy, I usually say "clouds" or "the ceiling" but your answer is more intellectual.


Dunno, but whatever it is, it's gotta come down. Looks like a piano. [Crash, tinkle, snap, collapse, shriek, etc.]

Truthfully, I don't find "what's up?" anywhere near as annoying as "Seriously?", said with a cocked eyebrow and what the speaker thinks is an ironic expression. Or "hello-oh". In both cases, Garner's Modern American Usage recommends substituting the classic Middle-English-derived "Duh".

Bare is an actual word dating back 1000 years.

Also "I want a pizza with cheese, but put more on it than usual."
"So extra cheese?"
"You said it. Not me!"

I'm not getting why "bare" is on the list either.

What about "you know?"

Can we kill anyone who asks us a question and ends it that way?

Jeff, If you know, you want to, like, you know.

Language is a code that tells us things about the speaker. Those who self-identify as chumps may be unaware of this.

Has anyone else noticed a recent increase in people, especially on TV, beginning a sentence with "so?"

"What did you do last night?"

"So, I went to the movies with John."



Layzeeboy I love your response to "what's up". That's a lot better than my usual response of "my foot". Also I would like to point out when anyone starts a sentence with "so" it usually ends like they're asking a question.
"So, I went to the movies with John?" That really drives me crazy you know?

What is the matter with "Extra"? How else do you indicate you want more than the usual amount of cheese on your pizza?

Yeah, this is my uncle's son, basically, he's my [redacted].

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