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October 31, 2013


Vancouver company wants to squeeze you into 100-square-foot micro-homes


(Thanks to The Perts)


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They claim it has a shower, but it isn't visible on the floor plan.

Anyway, in Manhattan you would have five NYU students living in there.

FredKey -

the loo is a hole on the floor above the 'shower', so the house features a special economical 'golden shower' area

It's a great place to put out of town family when visiting.

It needs a waning moon cutout on the front door.

This could take shed of the year honors in England.

I used to wait for the school bus in something like that.

Lotta anglers up northerly here have ice-fishing houses bigger than this ...

Why not live in one of these instead? It has more room and if you get tired of the neighborhood moving is easy!

Not sure I could fit all my shoes in there...

Actually, they don't need an indoor shower -- it's Vancouver, after all.

Is that cannabis growing in the yard? Now it's making more sense.

Oh, lord. You'd commit a crime just for all that room in a jail cell.

I am going to say something most will think really stupid. I am dying to get ahold of 15 or 20 acres out in the Shenandoah. As a single guy, I find some of these tiny homes appealing. Not an eco freak, not a social guilt monger. Just a comfortable efficient place that is easy to keep, cheap to own, sorta classy and ain't a trailer on blocks.

It is cute, if you get about ten and glue um together you would have a home!

Um, Loudmouth, as a married guy, I can tell you the problem.
My wife went off on a weekend visit to her sister this morning. Her luggage would not fit entirely into the trunk of the car.
She couldn't live in one of those houses.

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