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October 08, 2013


Amish Vampires in Space

(Thanks to wiredog)


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Well now we have combined at least 3 TV shows except for Honey BooBoo!

I'd like to see Honey BooBoo in outer space.

if this isnt a reality show, i dont know what is. oh, maybe amish vampires in space with the kardashians. how about that?

Someone has been horsing around with popular book themes

*spoiler alert*

the climax takes place on uranus

Once again reality has proven that it exists and I am not in a padded cell somewhere dreaming it all up. As proud as I would be to possess an imagination capable of producing a concept like "Amish Vampires In Space", I am just not that creative. Kudos reality for once again destroying solipsism.

Amish Vampires in Space vs Sharknado in 3D IMAX is currently being filmed....

I'm sure I am not alone in saying this would make a great Nicolas Cage movie.

For some reason, I read that in the same voice as "Pigs...In...SPACE!"

It may be kind of interesting because it has vampires in it but funny because of Amish vampires in the title and then in space to boot. How did they get their horse drawn carriage in Space of all places.

Theresa, who cares? This is destined to be the biggest hit since Mennonite Zombie Pirates.

Steve, "Scrapple...In...Space".

Starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis. Coming soon to a theater near you.

I can't wait 'till George Takei reviews it.

I can't wait until I see it on Honest Trailers.

Ff you've not yet visited the Honest Trailer site, it is worth looking at, provided you're up to a few minutes of laughter.

various thoughts:

what, no LOLcats?

Amish novels are written around characters who don't spend 2 hours on line and 3 more in front of the TV. Doesn't a space voyage contradict that premise?

Nice to be noticed... ;)

Amish in space--it could happen if they were being persecuted severely enough on Earth. Any use of technology would be limited to what was strictly necessary to safeguard and uphold their faith and their way of life.

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