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October 29, 2013


Ethiopia Continues to Support Loins Club

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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So that's who was responsible for the latest Starbucks opening in the remote rural villages. Looking forward to watching the Nat Geo flick.

Keep your darn club away from my loins.

I hear they're sponsoring a revival of "A Chorus Loin."

Don't ask about the secret handshake.

Which is why you should join Rotary instead

You have to draw the loin somewhere!

I hear they are doing the play "A Loin in Winter".

Think about it - if you lived in Ethiopia and had much more chance of direct contact with one or the other, wouldn't YOU choose loins over lions?

Boxers or shorts?

neither, Homer - just loincloths

Whoever has the biggest loin mane is club president.

Sorry. Ew.

and this is why speeling is improtant.

thank u, from queesnbee the grammar nerd.

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