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October 31, 2013


Here I am with the city commissioners.



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If it were South America I'd think you were being held for ransom.

It's nice that they let the city commissioners out of jail for Halloween, and they even let them wear mime costumes.

The commissioners should join the fun and put on costumes.

Which one are you?

When did the DC Ex-Mayors move to Miami?

guess you found that clever costume in your pile o sports clothing....

"Dave Barry visits Blago and his fellow former Illinois Governors in..."

the blog & the jailbirds:

prose & cons

Ligirl is on top of her game today.

Didn't the Commissioners open for some band or other at some time or other?

what a great promo for Miami!!! Dave Barry that is...
could care less about those striped fellas...

Dave has nice legs that's a great picture.

Did you sing "Jailhouse Rock"?

Well you should have.

Should we be worried that all the folks in stripes have the same number? Clones?

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