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October 31, 2013


We have found absolutely NOTHING, crow physicists

(Thanks to The Perts)

We saw the Crow Physicists open for Whitesnake.


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- and Hypothesised WIMPs opened for the guess who...

(no, Really - Guess Who)

((. . .guess who was on first. . .))

Sounds like a day at the Senate to me.

They didn't SEE noth'en, they didn't HEAR nothe'en, and they don't KNOW noth'en.

Sounds like they're trying to avoid a Mafia hit.

"I had my head examined, but they didn't find a thing."

me, after Walt Kelly.

One of my many fave exchanges, Omni.

Churchy (singing):
Spring, spring, spring!
It's welcome after winter.
And in summer's sun
I will have fun
In a place I haven't binter.

Albert: ... Anyone who uses a word like "binter" should have his head examined.

Churchy (smugly): Why? They examined mine, and didn't find a thing!

This is really cool stuff, actually. And I was very impressed by the quality and tone of the comments -- on an open forum at The Reg, no less.

If you're looking for something that isn't there, don't be surprised when you don't find it, I always say.

Ah, the old Harvard snipe hunt.

"...after running the LUX experiment for 110 days, no statistically significants were detected."

But what about the other significants, or significant others, or whatever? Are WIMPS always single?

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