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October 31, 2013


Unicef Launching "Take The Poo To Loo" Campaign In India

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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hu flung poo ?


Wow. And we arrest guys for micturition in the street.

At least it's not: Take poo to yu

_UNCEF executive director Anthony Lake said open defecation is a major public health problem with 626 million of the Indian population practising open defecation.

625,999,999 live in the back alley behind our office. They walked.

I thought it was all the cobras that made them high-steppers in the grass.

And don't stand up for the national anthem.

Or put it in a bottle and sell it to Americans as curry paste (re: earlier post.

Take the Pooh to Lew?

Lew doesn't want the Pooh. Or Poo. Or anything to do with you-know-who. Spoke with him this morning...

FYI, when traveling in India, always ask for the location of the 'English Toilet', which will be the porcelain convenience to which you are accustomed. Ask for 'the toilet,' and you may be directed to a hole in the floor...ergo, this is an issue in the culture itself.

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